Sea Glass

I love how what is essentially beach rubbish can become something so beautiful.

All my sea glass is collected from the shores of Scotland, with most coming from Channory Point. If you happen to be in Scotland dolphin spotting, you may see me on my hands and knees collecting sea glass from under your feet!

All sea glass goes through a number of processes before it can be made into jewellery:
I spend time washing the glass, then disinfecting it, before it is washed again. The pieces of glass are then sorted, with only those without flaws, chips or cracks going onto the next stage. All sea glass has a frosted appearance as it had been rolling around in the sea for quite some time, but this stops the true colours from shining through, so top quality pieces are wiped with oil before being made into jewellery. I am only able to use about 10% of the glass that I collect in my jewellery as most gets chipped throughout its journey, but I keep all the glass I collect as it’s taking it off the beaches, stopping humans or animals from being injured.

Sea glass comes in a variety of colours, with some being rarer than others, but this can also depend on where it is collected from. Common colours are clear (or white) sea foam (pale green), and aqua, and brown (although this is hard to spot on pebbly beaches!) and green. Some colours are rare such as blue, yellow and pink, and extremely rare categories red, orange and turquoise. This is due to common coloured glass resulting from fizzy drink or beer bottles and the rarer coloured glass pertaining to household glassware. Some sea glass also has patterns or writing on, which adds to the rarity.

All my sea glass jewellery is made using .925 / sterling silver, this includes the wrapping, the findings and necklaces. Prices are dependent on the colour of glass, with rarer pieces being more expensive.

No two pieces of sea glass are ever the same, so each piece of jewellery is not only beautiful, but truly unique.

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